Vultr 上线加拿大机房 VPS

前阵子 Vultr 还没有加拿大机房,十二月 Vultr 上线第十六个机房:加拿大·多伦多。有需要的可以上,比如海淘……

Vultr 新闻原文:

Deploy Cloud Servers in Toronto, Canada

Dec 11, 2018

Great news – Vultr has officially landed in Canada! Our newest location in Toronto marks the 16th region worldwide, with many more to come in the future!

The new Toronto availability zone is powered by our latest cloud compute architecture, delivering benchmark gains of up to 50% on our high performance 100% SSD cloud servers. Compute resources can be deployed in seconds using our easy to use customer portal or our advanced API.

Vultr Toronto features a highly available network and our ever expanding localized peering reduces latency within Canada and Northeastern United States. The new data center also adds additional compliance options for certain Canadian enterprises that must follow the strict guidelines set forth in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

New to Vultr? Testing our Toronto region is quick and easy and there are no complicated long term contracts – create an account and deploy an instance within seconds!